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Niall Horan by CharlieRoz Niall Horan :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 2 2 Free as My Hair by CharlieRoz Free as My Hair :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 2 3
                       S A
                    S    O
                  N  WHY
                I              H
                 ATE MYS
:iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 6 13
Mature content
Being Sick Of Waiting 2/2 :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 5 2
Momma Sokka! by CharlieRoz Momma Sokka! :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 3 2
Mature content
Zarry- Come On :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 7 0
Being Sick Of Waiting 1/2
“I’m not sick!” Alexander protested, trying to sit up in the bed that he was confined to by too-tight sheets that were tucked underneath him from his toes to his shoulders. Travis rolled his eyes at him and pushed him back down with the backside of his palm to Alex’s burning forehead.
“Okay,” he said sarcastically, sitting on the edge of the bed. He picked up the thermometer that he had just checked Alex’s temperature with it and held it out to his face so that he could see. “A one-hundred-and-one temperature isn’t sick to you?”
“I don’t get sick,” Alex stated, wiggling his arms free to rest in the cooler air. “It must be broken.”
“Your head must be broken,” Travis laughed. He brushed back the hair that clung to Alex’s face and smiled. “How’re your sinuses?”
“They’re fine like any other day.” Alex attempted to keep his face stern but end
:iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 7 7
Mature content
Sex Talk 2/3 :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 3 1
Book Envy
Alexander spreads his arms out on the back of the couch, sinking down into the cushions. He turns on the television, flipping through channels idly until deeming a program on National Geographic worthy enough to settle on. He isn't really a big TV watcher, but he doesn't see anything else better to do and the recent gloomy weather has him feeling lazy. He cracks his neck and rolls his shoulders as Travis comes into the room. He shakes his head disapprovingly at Alex and sighs, sitting down comfortably into his side and readjusting until they were snugly together.
"You really shouldn't do that," he says, nudging Alex in the side before he opens the book that's in his hands to the page he bookmarked.
"Yeah, I know," Alex agrees, shrugging. He dips his head and kisses the hinge of Travis' jaw, making a warm, pleasant sound come out of him. "You smell good," he comments, burying his nose into Travis' hair, making the other male squirm with tickles.
"It's your conditioner."
"No, I think it'
:iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 5 1
Falling For It
It was a day like any other; nothing special or particular going on, and the tangled bodies rolling around on the bed was a common sight to the walls of the small mobile home. Jovial laughter spilled heartedly from their guts as they grabbed and kissed and tickled each other breathless, grins stretching across their faces and pinching the corners of their eyes together. Alexander had finally pinned his restless boyfriend to the mattress with his hands held above his head by a sturdy but gentle grip on his wrists. Travis just smiled up at him playfully, catching his breath and keeping their eyes locked. They stayed like that for a while, just panting and staring into each other, and when Alex leaned down, Travis automatically closed his eyes and lifted his head to meet his lips midway for a kiss. The pulled back slow and steady, both lingering longer than they had to, and when just enough space was made, Alex whispered, “I win.”
The words seemed to fly around in the air for
:iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 3 1
Broh 30 Day Challenge: Secret
Day 11: Secret
It was the middle of the afternoon with the hot summer sun beating in the practicing area, making their already sweating and hot bodies hotter. Bolin wiped the beads of salty water off his forehead as he smiled at his sparring partner of the past month or so, both panting and at ease.
"That was a good match," Bolin commented, putting his hands on his hips. He then looked at his shoulder curiously. "I think you got me a little bit." Iroh chuckled lightheartedly at his nonchalant note about the light burn on his arm that just barely singed his shirt.
"I think you'll live," the general told him, winking and grabbing a towel to wipe off his face and neck. Bolin stared at the way he closed his eyes and parted his lips just a little bit as he relieved himself of the dampness that clung to his skin. He swallowed hard.
"Maybe you should… check it out," he said unsurely, feeling his throat tighten up. This was his chance. It made his heart pound.
Iroh looked up and looked
:iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 1 0
Mature content
The Playlist 1/2 :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 6 1
Puzzle Books and Puzzled Looks
Bambi goes off on her own, breaking away from Alexander and his basket to find the food she wants. Alex is left staring at the rack full of snacks, contemplating too hard on what to buy. His twin returns with what she set out to get minutes ago before she comes back to see him in the same exact spot.
"Something's not going to jump off there and hit you in the face it you look at it hard enough," Bambi laughs, throwing the ramen noodles in the partially filled basket.
"You pick something then," Alex mumbles, defeated.
Bambi glances at him quickly before snatching up pretzels and tortilla chips and adding them to their buy. He sighs quietly and walks down the aisle.
"What's up with you?" Bambi nudges him in the shoulder as they head to the dairy products.
"I think I should start running again," he tells her, reaching into the fridge to grab the usual half gallon of milk.
"I didn't realize you stopped," Bambi muses, keeping them there to look for some juice.
"I've been busy with Travis a
:iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 3 2
Mature content
Lonelily Dancing :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 5 5
In The Shower 2/2
"I never get anything done in here," Alex sighed lovingly, toying with a curl of Travis' hair.
"Only me," Travis teased, looking him in the eye and grinning.
"Yes, only you. And that's why I haven't lathered, rinsed, or repeated yet."
"Do you want me to do it for you?" Travis asked seriously, brushing back the black locks that plastered themselves to Alex's flawless face.
"Can you manage without any inappropriate groping?"
"I'll be on my best behavior. I promise."
Travis pecked him on the lips and hugged him for a long while, enjoying the way they fit together perfectly, and then grabbed the shampoo and started his business. Alex watched him with the same incandescence in his eyes the entire time, a smile permanently curving his lips up.
Travis loved to do this facing him because then he could see Alex's reactions and that beautiful complexion of his. It made for a slightly tougher time to do it thoroughly, but it was worth it. It was always worth it.
He added his nails to round up ple
:iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 6 4
Mature content
Accidental Peek-a-boo :iconcharlieroz:CharlieRoz 2 4



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Can't live without: 30 Seconds To Mars, Adam Lambert, MUSIC, writing, art

I love helping out fellow artists and writers in need, so if you have anything to ask just send me a note!

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Rock/ Alternitive Rock/ Hard Rock
Favourite photographer: Shannon Leto
Favourite style of art: b/w pencil
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Jerry from "Tom and Jerry"
Personal Quote:
Interests Hi, everyone. *crickets*

Yeah, that's probably accurate, right? I can't remember the last time I even posted something on here... 

I'm really sorry! I haven't forgotten you, I've just gotten busier and... my priorities on other sites, admittedly, have been higher. Really, I'm just super lazy and I don't really DO much anymore, just like to look at stuff (Which is why I've been so into Tumblr. I just sit back haha)

But I really do hope everyone is having a good last-of-the-year day, and if you're already in the new year, I hope you're having fun too! 

I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU ALL AND I SINCERELY WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS NEXT YEAR. I know how challenging things can be, and I know that some of you aren't having a good time... But, nevertheless, I really want all of you to be happy and love life and yourselves!

I hope we keep in touch more... I can't forget where I started!

Have a GREAT year, lovelies :meow: :heart::star:


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